Kalatu is amazing! It's so easy to set up a new blog and start sharing your passion with the world. I just set up a new blog and I did it in minutes. Kalatu makes it so easy, I call it excuse-free blogging. Anyone can use this platform and have an amazing looking blog up and running fast!
This platform saves me so much time and frustration and I'm so excited to be able to help so many more people get the blog they've always wanted up and running in no time so that they, too, can share their passions with the world!
As an Empower Network affiliate sharing Kalatu, the residual income is amazing, especially when you are a mom and have two children to look after. I am now at $3,400.00/month in residuals!!!

*Results are not typical. Please see our Income Disclosure here.

One of the biggest reasons I'm completely in love with Kalatu, is that it's SOOOO easy to set up and start blogging. My old WordPress blog took WEEKS to set up and even then - it made me look like an ameteur. With Kalatu, I was set up, looking AWESOME and blogging within like 20 minutes - no joke!
It’s given me the freedom to just travel the world, just to enjoy life going see the beaches of the world.

*Results are not typical. Please see our Income Disclosure here.

For a busy single parent and business owner like myself Kalatu was just what I needed. It's easy to use, everything is plug and play. It not only looks good but now it's ranking on Google which is exactly what a business owner like me needs so that my customers can find me.
By just applying this simple system, now as new parents with a brand new baby girl and a new baby on the way, we are involved in shaping our children’s lives.
I’ve been able to create a six figure income and move the mountains of Colorado. Just about every day, I wake up and choose the mountain I want to go to!

*Results are not typical. Please see our Income Disclosure here.

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