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The response received was INCREDIBLY fast! And Aadil was really courteous and nice! I wish this would be the regular Customer Service EVERYONE in the world would provide! I'm so happy. - Tibisay H.

Thank you for anwering ALL my questions: from billing, to Kalatu blog migration, new posts, clearing cache and more!! - Doris H.

You guys ROCK! I submitted a ticket and received a solution within an hour or two! - Lukasz L.

I had a small mental fog, but Vanessa saw me through it with* amazing patience and clarity*. - Thomas T.

This one was a fast reaction, which was important, and thus an excellent fast solution!! very happy! - Sanja B.

The quality of customer support I have consistently received from Joey and other support team members like him, provides me with one of my most powerful selling points for marketing Kalatu and for recruiting people to join me. The Empower support team members I have contacted are the main reason I became an affiliate. Ultimately it will have been their outstanding support that will prove to be the determining factor in my success. Any system is only as good as the support team that provides the solutions and answers to the questions that all users (no matter how cyber savvy) will find themselves needing at one time or another. Thank you Joey for all your work on my behalf. - Yona C.

Excellent support in unusual situation which needed quick action. - Sudha S.

Clear, concise and gave me the information I needed in a professional manner. - Kyle P.

The response time was great, the answer was laid out really well, so it was clearly understood by me. - Vivienne M.

Issue was resolved in a few hours! - Ty H.

EN Support ROCKS!! - Edward & Lisa M.