With Great Success Comes Great Responsibility

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Included in this page are Empower Network Policies & Procedures at a glance. These documents give Affiliates the ability to promote the Empower Network opportunity and products in the best capacity. Please refer to the complete versions of compliance, policy and procedure documentation.

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Documents: KALATU Official Compliance Documents
Feel free to download documents for individual use reference.
IMPORTANT: When utilizing Empower Network Disclaimers and associated media, it is mandatory you utilize the corresponding media-type to the media you post, share and/or distribute. Example: Audio posts should have accompanied Audio Disclaimer within the soundbite recording. The same consideration is applicable to video and written media/content(s).
Affiliate Accreditation

Letter from CEO, Jonathan Cronstedt

Dear Affiliate, Here at Empower Network, we’ve always operated with one sole intention...helping you reach your dreams of success online as fast as possible. As a company, we’ve broken records, rewritten many assumptions of the industry, and supported an immense amount of success for our affiliates.

With great success comes great responsibility.

And it is in that theme that I am writing to you today, to excitedly discuss our new accreditation program, and share with you what I believe will be a massive leap forward for our affiliates, our company, and setting a new standard in the industry. Announcing… The Empower Network Accreditation Program

Announcing… The Empower Network Accreditation Program

The Accreditation Program is for all third-party tool companies (sales funnels, co-ops, marketing systems, etc.) that offer services to Empower Network affiliates, customers and prospects or any Affiliate who created a website using the “Empower Network” name in a domain during the first 6 months of Empower Network’s operation.

This mainly applies to any type of sales system that bypasses the company produced sales material in favor of its own sales messaging. For example, if you are capturing email addresses for your own list, and redirecting to the company sales video, that is compliant and doesn’t require an accreditation seal. However if you are using a different sales message of any kind, and sending people straight to the join page (bypassing the company sales message and disclosures) the system/process requires accreditation.

If the above criterion applies to you, make sure you read this:

Network marketing companies can run into regulatory issues from the use of sales methods and systems that are not built on the foundation of compliance. When people are looking at the Empower Network opportunity for the first time, it can be difficult for them to differentiate the company produced sales material from a third-party system.

In order to make sure that Empower Network continues to grow on a solid foundation, the accreditation program will ensure that all third-party systems are committed to a code of conduct and compliance. Some elements of this program include:

1. Clear agreements with prospects, customers and affiliates.
2. Dispute resolution provisions with your consumers consistent with Empower's.
3. Clearly defined consumer-friendly refund policies.
4. Adequate disclosures in the sales process i.e., disclosure of association with Empower Network, income disclosure statements, statements about participation in the system is optional, etc.
5. Educational obligations regarding Empower Network policies.
6. And more...

The Accreditation Program Is Designed To Help YOU Here’s How:

One of the most common questions our compliance department receives is “Is my marketing system compliant with Empower Network’s rules and regulations?”

The Accreditation Program is designed to distinguish compliant systems from those that do not meet the same standards. And if standards aren’t met, it’s a liability for our affiliates and our company...and the security of our affiliates and their opportunity takes first priority in our book.

After review and acceptance into the accreditation program, here are some of the unique and powerful benefits you’ll have:

Peace of mind that you are operating / participating in a system that has been reviewed and abides by all the standards of Empower Network and compliance. A personal liaison which you will have personal access to ask compliance related questions and get up to date information in regards to keeping your system compliant. Increased prospect, customer and affiliate trust and confidence, as you will have the official Accreditation seal to display.

Frequently Asked Questions About Empower Network’s Accreditation Program

Q. Do I have to apply to the Accreditation Program?

A. If you’re an affiliate operating a sales funnel for yourself, your team, or a sales system being offered company-wide, the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Following the rollout of the accreditation system, any non-accredited sales system will redirect to company approved marketing materials.

Q. What happens if I choose not to apply?

A. If a sales system currently sending traffic to the join page directly and it is not accredited, all traffic will be redirected to company approved marketing material to ensure prospects fully understand the opportunity and all disclosure requirements are met.

Q. How long do I have to apply to the Accreditation Program?

Q. How long do I have to apply to the Accreditation Program?

A. The Accreditation Program will launch on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Qualified Affiliates are encouraged to submit applications early, as all approvals must be granted prior to June 30th, 2014. Beginning July 1st, only accredited sales systems will be able to send directly to the join page, bypassing company marketing materials.

Q. Once I’ve submitted my system for review, how long does it take for me to receive a full review?

A. On average it will take 10-15 business days for a full review of your system, assuming all materials are submitted. However, as every system varies in size - some systems may require a longer review.

Q. I registered a domain name with “Empower Network” listed within the domain name. How does this apply to me?

A. In order to continue using our trade name in your domain, you will be subject to the same process as third party systems. Therefore, your choice is to either:

1. Submit your website(s) for Accreditation;
2. Permanently close the website.

Those are your only two options as further use of our trademark on websites other than the Empower Network official website is not permitted.

How to Apply to The Accreditation Program

The Accreditation Program will launch on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

There is a 30-day window for submitting applications for all system owners who wish to have their services used by Empower Network members.

Here’s what to do next:

1. Visit
2. Click on the Accreditation tab.
3. There you will find the Accreditation Application, Licensing Agreement, Criteria and Confidentiality Agreement.

Once you have completed the application and it is approved a Compliance Liaison will be appointed and you may begin submitting your materials for review.


Jonathan Cronstedt
CEO of Empower Network


Direct Selling Association

We are proud to be a pending member of the Direct Selling Association.
Please view the Code of Ethics by which we abide.

Latest Compliance News:

This section will be reserved for giving you up-to-date news about changes in our policies, compliance issues that are becoming challenges and what’s going on in social media or on the Internet that we feel you should aware of for your businesses.

Do's and Don'ts
You Should

You may use EN marketing material and self created literature (as long as you submit to EN for approval.)

You may create website(s) and social media sites to promote EN identifying yourself as an EN Affiliate, with full name shown. You may use the EN Independent Affiliate logo with your full name in all marketing materials.

You may only use Company endorsed marketing /auto responders to promote your EN business. (Aweber, Get Response)

Affiliates are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to EN. ALL postings must align with EN values, Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions and Compensation Plan and contributes to the EN community greater good.

Whenever discussing EN products, services or the EN opportunity in any manner, Affiliates must disclose their full name, conspicuously identify themselves as an EN Independent Affiliate, and provide the EN Income Disclosure Statement either in document form or via a clear and conspicuous link.

For those in violation of any EN P & P's, it may result in disciplinary action, which may include fine, suspension, or termination of the offending Affiliate.

You may make income claims as long as they are true, non deceptive AND you include a clear & conspicuous “IDS” statement, “Results not typical. For average earnings, please see .

You Should Not

You may not make improper income or product claims, even if true, without a clear and conspicuous income disclaimer that leads to the EN Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”).

You may not use third party shopping carts to publicize or sell EN products – like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or self-created. You may not self create website(s), social media sites or fake pages to promote EN. Nor may you refer to EN as a “scam” or “scheme” – even for reasons of rankings.

You may not capitalize on the Empower Network brand or products. Nor may you state or imply that you are an employee of the company.

You may not use Facebook, eBay, Amazon, or Twitter to market EN online unless you identify yourself as an EN Affiliate. You may not re-produce sales aids, event footage or any other copyrighted material either electronically or in print.

You may not use the EN name or product names or any noncompliant verbiage as usernames in any email addresses, URLs or social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You may not make any financial commitments or media representations on behalf of EN.

You may not use any false or misleading testimonials; including product claims or income claims. You may not do anything that may bring the EN name, brand or Affiliates any disrespect.